Russell Insurance Services & How Listening Intelligence Drives Profit 30%

Russell Insurance Services & How Listening Intelligence Drives Profit 30%

Erik Russell founded Russell Insurance Services, a Farmers Insurance based financial services agency, and is consistently in the top 20 commercial producers across the nation. Earlier this year I worked with Erik and his team on The Practice of Listening, and recently we sat down so he could share key insights into how critical the act of listening is to his business and how Listening Intelligence has transformed his organization. In the interview, Erik notes how both consumer and commercial insurance is such a high-touch client-service-based business. He estimates that 90% of the time that his team is interacting with a client it is because the client is having an issue with their world; an issue related to their home, their assets, or their business. Erik notes, “For the client, it can be high stress and high emotion. To them and for them, we are problem solvers.

I interviewed Erik Russel at a coffee shop here in Denver, CO, and then we took a walk to learn more about his journey building his business, crafting a powerhouse team, and constantly evolving an intentional process for growth and service as he scales his agency. The coffee shop interview is below and the longer story we captured in the accompanying video. Take a read, and have a listen!

Listen Like The Modern Leader: Build Trust & Win Consistently

Listen Like The Modern Leader: Build Trust & Win Consistently

Listening intentionally and consciously is a competitive advantage for the modern organization. No successful brand forces a product or service on the market. You don't just talk your way into good business. The most competitive and successful modern brands are listening constantly and intentionally to their prospects, users, and customers - they listen as a practice, in order to consistently launch and relaunch a worthy offering at an MVP level, and to evolve, iterate and innovate as the market changes.

Goal Setting Tips for the Modern Leader

Calling on the MODERN LEADER!

If you are seeking to transform yourself, and your teams, how you set goals dramatically impacts the outcome and your success.

When reality shows up in the new year, and you are faced with all an onslaught of responsibilities, distractions, and your old habits, shallow and superficial goals get tossed to the wayside and you fall back into your same routine, settling for the status quo.

Not this year. This is the year you play your heart out and make bold moves.

In this video, I share the three key ingredients of crafting powerful goals that result in a new level of commitment, clarity, and confidence and lead to significant transformation.


And to learn more about the process and approach I provide the modern leader, check out the one-on-one Six Month Leadership Engagement that I offer.

All in all, I hope you have an awesome year! Onward!