How well you LISTEN is your UNTAPPED competitive EDGE. IT Directly impacts prospects & clients, team execution, INNOVATION & AgILITY, and PErFORMANCE.

At Thrival Concepts, we specialize in Listening Intelligence - the concept and skill of cultivating awareness into the unique ways individuals listen to and for information - and equip teams of leaders with key communication skills to innovate, inspire, make key decisions and execute.

We all can “hear” just fine, but to listen, to truly listen to and connect with others is a cognitive skill that when developed and practiced can propel individuals and teams to optimal performance. 

Where is listening most critical in your organization? 

At Thrival Concepts we help you identify where communication is creating the most disfunction, and where improved communication has the greatest ability to impact your people, your performance, and your profits. We achieve this by conducting customized leadership and communication workshops that expand Listening Intelligence, emotional agility, and self-awareness in order to help your business thrive


annual loss for small businesses as a result of poor communication.


of small businesses claim that ineffective communication is their primary problem.

$62.4 million

average annual loss of large companies due to inadequate communication. 



In pursuit of Individual Leadership coaching?

Thrival Concepts private leadership coaching leverages and expands upon a variety of professional skillsets to deepen your self-awareness, hone your communication style, and empower you as a leader.  Our unique approach incorporates Listening Intelligence, Emotional Agility, Design Thinking, Mindfulness, and Creativity, and equips you with the tools and concepts to transform you into a modern leader - a leader who inspires and empowers peers, improves team communication and efficacy, evolves company culture, and drives innovation and profitability