Interactive Workshops For the Bold and Fierce

“A true leader has the confidence to stand alone, the courage to make tough decisions, and the compassion to listen to the needs of others. He does not set out to be a leader, but becomes one by the equality of his actions and the integrity of his intent.” — Douglas MacArthur

I conduct group workshops and speaking engagements that dramatically increase potential, connection, and contribution. And certainly, profitability. The workshops lead to outcomes impacting improved client services, higher revenues and profits, greater collaboration and creativity, stronger team dynamics and engagement, and faster communication and execution on critical ideas.

These workshops are specifically catered to the bold and fierce professional and provide critical skills and content that deepen the awareness of motivations, priorities, and unique skills that drive change and allow participants to inspire and lead others, and forge ahead with conviction and purpose. Read below to book one of four current workshop offerings.

  Presenting CCEQ at General Assembly, 2017

Presenting CCEQ at General Assembly, 2017



As professionals, we are fundamentally all problem solvers, and in virtually every role we play in our lives, being creative and collaborative are essential to being influential and successful in our pursuits.  Being in touch with and stewards of our thoughts and emotion is a critical and powerful skill for each of us. The more you expand your emotional intelligence, the greater your potential for creativity and collaboration, and the greater potential for impact and contribution.

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is our awareness of our individual selves and our awareness of how we relate to, interact with, and appreciate others.  It allows us the ability to connect and find a shared purpose, to hold each other accountable, to challenge and support each other, and ultimately to empathize with and inspire each other. And then to act, create and contribute in authentic, productive, and new ways. No matter the role, expanding ones emotional intelligence becomes a competitive advantage that impacts performance, making us all better together.

Furthermore, great business, design, development, great teams, and brands are dependent on a thoughtful and expeditious exchange of needs, ideas, and possibilities. This exchange thrives when there is heightened emotional awareness that supports focus, trust, vulnerability, and big imaginations!

This workshop on Emotional intelligence is intended to help participants to collaborate, compete, create, and serve at a deeper and more profitable level.

Take Aways

  • Deepen one's understanding of the ways that we influence one another, and how we build trust and connection with each other.
  • Learn the fundamentals of emotional intelligence; what it is, how it shows up in our lives and careers, and how it can serve to inspire and influence.
  • Learn how self-awareness, empathy, and compassion can amplify one's technical strengths and skills to create a competitive advantage for oneself and the organization.
  • Participants learn ways to continuously expand and refine their own emotional awareness, and create an personalized action plan to actively develop this human skill set.

  Seeking wisdom in Castlewood Canyon, Colorado.

Seeking wisdom in Castlewood Canyon, Colorado.


In this course teach the fundamentals of self-awareness, compassion, and empathy, and how to expand on each to genuinely influence the world and generate progress and profitability.  The ability to influence is directly tied to the ability to lead and inspire colleagues, peers, and partners, and to win and serve clients.  

In this course we focus on the individual, and equip participants with a deeper understanding of the unique and genuine ways that they can contribute to their teams, organizations and communities. Ultimately, we dissect how emotional intelligence can be refined and sharpened over time and how critical it is to developing leadership skills that fuel long term career and life success.  


Part two of this courses involves a three hour exercise to discover, craft and expand on key priorities in your life.  These are distilled down in to your mission, vision and values and lay the foundation for your personal brand.  

In this course we remain focused on the individual, and equip participants with the frame work and power of storytelling and the discuss the significance of language and conversation. Ultimately, we dissect how emotional intelligence can be refined and sharpened over time and how critical it is to developing leadership skills that fuel long term career and life success.   

  Chasing daylight in Denver, Colorado.

Chasing daylight in Denver, Colorado.

High-Value Conversations 

Literally everything we strive for individually and collectively is fueled by conversations.  We articulate our priorities, our demands and expectations, our worries, and our vision through a variety of conversations.  In this half-day course we uncover the power of language, mindfulness, and storytelling, and how it motivates us as individuals, and how it inspires teams and communities. Imagine the potential of critical conversations that create and foster a shared purpose and reveal new opportunities, and yield incredible progress.  

In this course we begin to focus on the potential of an individual interacting one-on-one and in group dynamics.  We discuss and practice how to create conversations that drive value and possibility, and how to quickly notice and shift away from conversations that are ridden with conflict and chaos.   

  Kids at play in the woods of central Washington.

Kids at play in the woods of central Washington.

Collaborative PartnershipS

History shows us over and over that we accomplish more together, than we ever do separately.  We are inherently designed to collaborate, cooperate, and work together. Collaboration is built on a foundation of shared purpose, trust, and a willingness to navigate complexities and uncertainties together. 

In this full-day course leaders address and dissect a collaboration-challenge specific to them and are equipped with formal actions that accelerate and improve key results for themselves, their teams, and their organizations.  In this course, we expand on high-value conversations and focus on group dynamics and how each of us can build and foster environments and relationships with others that engage and evoke the greatest potential and impact together.