This course is designed to help you to live a bold and fulfilling life and Career by getting clear about your PURPOSE. This course is about leadership and TRANSFORMATION. Your ideas transformed into action, and self-awareness transformed into impact.

"The overall experience of the workshop is outstanding. I feel present, I'm looking for opportunities all around me, and I have ideas flowing through me. I'm writing down key priorities and then outlining actions to accomplish them. This has provided me with great clarity and focus. I would definitely commit to doing this at least once a year."
- Matt Meldrum, 38, Former Sr. Business Analyst, transformed Real Estate Advisor and Metalwork-Artist

Thrival Concepts provides a set of tools, and a framework that coaches you through DISCOVERING your purpose and creating a personal action plan. This personal branding process guides and empowers you to invest your time, energy and passion where it matters most, to see new opportunities, and ultimately to take action with gusto and vigor.

Personal Branding is discovering aNd taking action on purpose

The big purpose of our life is to discover who we are, to contribute and serve in unique ways, and to take action to live our best lives. This workshop fuels that discovery process.

You know life can be exciting, fulfilling and challenging when you live ON PURPOSE. But when you seek to live a purposeful life, with a career that matches, where exactly do you start?

As a branding strategist for hundreds of companies, I’ve found that every successful business regularly conducts a strategic “brand discovery process” to help them identify and focus on specific priorities, which in turn cause a specific impact on the world. 

What if we could apply a similar approach to our personal and professional lives to benefit and propel ourselves as individuals and teams?

This workshop is designed for people who:

  • Have a hunger to harness their greatest strengths and passions, in order to pursue a fulfilling career and life...

  • Are in the midst of an important transformation and want to clarify their trajectory and vision…

  • Who strive to push their limits and who value self improvement and growth…

  • Have a notable project or an idea for a business, and want to bring it to life and set it in motion…

  • Want to live a bold purpose-driven life!

“Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.”
― Howard Thurman

Self-Discovery. GROWTH. NEw Possibilities.


  • You will learn a discovery process fueled by a series of questions and exercises that prompt you to notice and decide what is most important to you, what motivates you, your core values, your top strengths and skills, and your passions and priorities.  KNOW THYSELF!
  • You will craft a unique and bold vision for the coming three years that considers career, family, adventure, personal growth, travel, health, relationships, creativity, finances, spirituality, fitness, and community.
  • You will learn about strategic branding and storytelling, and you will author your own personal brand - a written manifesto and a mantra. And, you will define who absolutely needs to know about it and where to tell your story, based on your personal and professional goals.
  • You will define major endeavors to accomplish in the coming 12 months, and you will build and commit to a 90-day plan of attack noting key people, actions, skills and resources that you will engage with to gain critical traction. UNLEASH THYSELF!
  • You will meet a load of great people in the course who are all leaning into the adventure, in pursuit of a great career and life, and who are striving to learn, grow, and push boundaries just like you are.  
  • Your personal brand and the resulting action plan can apply to your current job, a career transition, a business endeavor, a major life transformation, or all of the above. You decide!

Check out what people are saying: 

"During my transition from agency life to freelance graphic design, Thrival Concepts gave me the tools and confidence to make the hard decisions that would eventually elevate not only my business but my personal successes.
With Dave as an energetic and relentlessly supportive guide, I was able to identify my “why” and write a powerful and concise mission statement. From there, we developed a plan that reinforced my “why” by focusing on stricter acceptance of work/clients and actualizing the freedoms that come with remote-working life.
I can now happily say that I have been successfully freelancing for 2 years - and currently working remotely in France!"
-Lauren Harned, World Traveler & Freelance Graphic Designer
“Dave’s Thrival Concepts Workshop was a great time to sit down and re-evaluate my priorities. It helped me re-align my professional and personal goals and put the steps in place to make things happen. I would recommend the workshop to anyone looking to take a breather and make sure your day-to-day is contributing to your long-term goals."
-Jackie Hobbins, MoonPup Productions
 “As a small business owner, I benefited greatly from the Thrival Concepts workshops I attended. Running my own business can be very stressful and, at times, becomes incredibly tedious and monotonous. The Thrival workshop helped me in numerous ways, but my greatest takeaways were the feelings of possibility and positivity. I came to realize that my business was what I made it, and that my own mindset would dictate the direction and overall success potential therein. The content of the workshop was fantastic, giving me an opportunity to read and hear the words of successful thinkers, writers, philosophers, entrepreneurs and more. The open forum concept of the workshop allowed me to interact with the other attendees, bounce ideas off one another, share stories of successes and failures, and plan for the future with a fresh mentality.
I was very impressed with the actual Workshop Field Guide, from which we took our “lesson plan”, and I keep it at my office to this day in order to check in on my Bucket List, Immediate Goals, and 3-year vision, all of which are focuses of the workshop itself. The Field Guide is also a very well-planned resource for ways and places to access outside material in order to continue my journey outside of, and beyond, the class itself. The skills and concepts I took away from the Thrival workshop also help me with organization, patience, and positivity in my daily life at home with my family and friends as well. It was an amazing experience with an incredible amount of information, inspiration, and a positive outlook on my future plans and goals. I recommend this class to anyone looking for a jump start to their business, relationships, education and more. I put my staff through this workshop as well and saw an immediate improvement to morale and goal-setting. I know Dave personally and know he approaches his endeavors with a full heart and an unmitigated level of enthusiasm. I will definitely be sending all new hires to this class and plan to take refreshers in the future for my own state of mind!"
-Erik Russell, Russell Insurance Services Agency Owner
“In my world, where true connections and honest relationships trump ego and entitlement, I found the Thrival Concepts experience to be an authentic experience like no other I've had.  Sitting with and learning from like minded people, allowed me to look outside my normal field of view, to be vulnerable, empowered, excited, and to look at things both personally and professionally through a new, and much more focused lens.  I walked away with not just an interest to better myself, but to involve myself in more to better the world around me and to engage in more collaborative and mutually beneficial conversations than ever before.  Dave speaks from the heart, means what he says and follows through with each and every attendee to carry their efforts as far as possible, with an equal amount of success.  Anyone looking for a fresh breath of air or a new palette to paint with, should definitely check out Thrival Concepts!”
-Mikey Goldenberg, Media Entrepreneur and Consultant
“Too often in our busy lives we don't stop to take stock in what's next, what we want to achieve and how to get there. We tell ourselves stories about why we can or can't do things, but how often are we encouraged to capture them. The Thrival Concepts workshop does just that and adds the motivation and encouragement to get it done. With energy, charisma and an affinity to get other jazzed about their own success, Dave guided our group in a personal and professionally evolving experience that helped me focus on what I wanted and a plan to get there.”  
-Patrick McClary, UX Designer
"The Thrival workshop was a surprising experience for me. I did not expect to dive as deep as we did in such a short period of time. The writing exercises were really telling and quite remarkable. It was good to put pen to paper and reflect and envision. I am so thankful to Dave for creating such a great space for introspection and actionable and accountable ways to move forward." 
-Ashley Kingsley, Co-Founder of
"Thrival Concepts taught me that it's not only OK to think about, and be proud of, my unique strengths every day, it's encouraged. Choosing to spend time in the space of positive self talk, with Dave as your guide, is time well spent."
-Jim Darling, Professional Photographer
“I have been stuck in my career journey for several years, not knowing what I wanted to do next. The Personal Branding Workshop and Field Guide exercises gave me time to think, allowing me to digest where I’ve been, in order to map out where I want to go.
Specifically, the 90 day cycle & Big Rocks activity helped me articulate ideas that had been swirling in my head in a systematic way so I could then create a few actionable goals on one key item and gain traction. Whether it was the right one or not didn’t matter, at least it motivated me to move forward. Saying my goal out loud to a group made it more real and accountable than saying it to myself in my own head. Immediately after the workshop I scheduled time with three contacts I thought might be able to help me. Although initially I didn’t get the answers I was looking for, a job offer with a company that had been on my shortlist for 5 years came through just over two 90 day cycles later. Overall, the Thrival personal branding workshop enabled me to let go of the end goal (what exactly do I want to do with my career?) and focus on bite size pieces of the process (explore one or two different ideas and see what happens). “
-Tanya Horning, Small Business Owner
“The Thrival Concepts workshop provided me with the tools I needed to evaluate my personal brand and direction heading into the new year and beyond. For me personally, time spent on personal development is a task I easily get distracted with. The Thrival workshop provides a proven process that has afforded me structure and pathway to my own personal development. The Field Guide lays out a frame work that assists and guides me through this process, providing focus and flexibility to be introspective and dream big at the same time. This investment in myself has provided immediate return, and one I would recommend for those looking to take the next step personally and professionally.”
-Bryan Dillon, Telecomm Executive
“The genius of Thrival lies in that it's so personal.  No excuses, no delays, sit down and devout the time to yourself to discover what you know to be true.  Simple, and singularly your own, the resulting clarity of mind has personally helped me navigate towards more fulfilling work and a more defined sense of self and purpose.”
-Eric Paton, Videographer and Creative Consultant


The live workshops are held in Denver, Colorado at the creative video-production studio of Postmodern Co. in the heart of the RiNo neighborhood, at 28th and Walnut. Food, drinks, good tunes, great people and loads of inspiration are provided! This is an interactive experience involving both individual and group exercises and discussion all focused on you creating and refining your personal brand, building a vision and charting a specific and meaningful action plan for your year ahead. The entire process is depicted and captured in your copy of the Thrival Field Guide. 


What are you doing way down here? Register for the workshop and let's get after it! Worst case, join the Thrive Tribe below and stay tuned to other courses and workshop that are coming up.