One-On-One Coaching :: Unleash Thyself! 

Wherever you are at in your pursuits, the leverage of partners, mentors, and coaches is fundamental to growth, contribution, success and enjoying the ride. I personally have coaches across a spectrum of life's important areas; fitness, relationships, finances, career, business, and creativity.


The Thrival Concepts approach develops a heightened awareness of what you personally hold most important, and how you desire to contribute to the world.  From that awareness, the story unfolds. You are the exclusive author of a personal brand, and that story fuels how you focus your time and energy, and how you interact with the world, your career and the people around you.  The process provides specific exercises and action plans that constantly advance what you deemed most critical, and the partnership to hold you accountable to your vision.  

Through a series of meet-ups, walkabouts, conversations, challenges, adventures, and obstacles I help you navigate a process of discovery, prioritization and action.  This process is applied to both small passion projects, big transitions or endeavors, and significant challenges or obstacles.  One-on-one engagements can be arranged in 90-day or 180-day arrangement.  

The approach and process working one-one-one involves three formal stages:

  Inspired by he wild grandeur of Glacier National Park.

Inspired by he wild grandeur of Glacier National Park.


Ultimately, what drives you? What's most important? What is your incredible contribution? Every single person on this planet has a story. We each are motivated by a unique set of experiences, goals, values, desires, and abilities. Taking inventory of "who you are, and what's most important" is fundamental to living a thriving life as it provides intention and focus. The approach extracts and develops your core skills, interests and opportunities and builds a foundation on your inherent passions to then drive your intentions and trajectory.  My motto is know thyself, unleash thyself!

  Soaking in the awe of the Red Woods of Northern California.

Soaking in the awe of the Red Woods of Northern California.

STAGE TWO :: Prioritization // STrategy 

When everything is important, nothing is important.  Whether you are laser focused on one big objective, or have 10 important goals or concepts in your back pocket, we dig in together and explore thoroughly to distill down the biggest leverage points and the best tasks to complete, people to engage, and resources to recruit.  For those who have ever conjured a big idea and then asked themselves, "so, where do I start?", you know that the first step or the next step can be elusive. I've got your back on this!

  Exploring the unknown in central Washington.

Exploring the unknown in central Washington.

STAGE Three :: ACTION // Adventure // Partnership

Our process involves accountable action! Variety is the spice of life, but it's action that affords the experience of variety.  Action creates traction and possibility, cures fear and builds the foundation for forward momentum.  Based on your objectives and priorities, we develop a personalized strategic plan of attack and a road map. I partner with you along the way to hold you accountable to the critical steps, tasks and conversations necessary to reinforce your vision. Pursue your quest with gusto!


Every single audacious vision is worth hearing about! Reach out for a complimentary 60 minute consultation and we'll conjure up the possibilities together!

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