the Thrival MethodOLOGy

Incorporating the three Thrival Concepts Leadership Development Pillars - Listening Intelligence, Emotional Intelligence, and Design Thinking - we equip you with the tools and concepts to transform you into a modern leader - a leader who inspires and empowers peers, improves team communication and efficacy, evolves company culture, and drives innovation and profitability.


The Thrival Concepts Leadership Development Pillars


Emotional Intelligence

With a foundation of self-awareness and empathy for others, Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is the ability to recognize, understand and manage one's own emotions and to recognize, understand and influence the emotions of others.

This results in the opportunity for greater collaboration, execution and ultimately, and performance.

At Thrival Concepts, we use the tools of EQ to help leaders to communicate more effectively, to solve challenges, and to build high performing teams.



Listening Intelligence is the awareness of the unique ways we each cognitively process information. We all “hear” when we communicate, but to listen, to truly listen to, understand, and connect with others is a vital business skill and can be developed through awareness, practice and discipline.

At Thrival Concepts, we equip individuals and teams with Listening Intelligence to leverage the power of different perspectives, to build relationships, to generate powerful new ideas, and to drive business performance.



Design Thinking is a problem solving and innovation protocol that combines creative and critical thinking to yield new opportunities in product development, operational strategy, customer service, and brand marketing strategy.

It puts a focus on the ultimate end user, and identifies optimal strategies to serve and engage.

At Thrival Concepts, we employ the methodologies of Design Thinking to help teams to drive authentic and profitable innovation.




The ECHO Listening Profile is the first cognitive-based listening assessment that enables organizations to quickly understand the listening styles and corresponding behaviors of their teams, individual employees and future hires. This statistically reliable assessment methodology helps identify an individual’s personal listening style or habit in the workplace. It measures how individuals listen to, filter, and interpret what they hear, and how that interpretation affects how they communicate with those around them.


Listening Intelligence is the greater awareness and ability that begins when people understand how they themselves listen and therefore can, in turn, examine their own strengths and blind spots. Once individuals internalize their own listening style, they can adjust their communication to speak into other people’s listening preferences, enhancing connection, collaboration and overall business performance.


TTI Success Insights®  CERTIFIED in Disc BehaviorS12 Driving FORCES


The DISC BEHAVIORS methodology is a widely used behavioral assessment tool, measuring four behavioral styles: Dominance, Influence, Steadiness and Compliance. DISC measures how a person behaves.

The most comprehensive DISC assessment in the market today, revealing insights into how members of staff, management and leadership are likely to respond in certain situations. DISC provides the ability to measure behaviors of the individual or the entire team.

Commonly used to: improve teamwork and understand communication styles.

The TTI 12 Driving Forces® (Motivators): 

The driver behind the behavior, 12 Driving Forces unlocks the why behind an individual’s actions. Rooted in Eduard Spranger’s esteemed research, 12 Driving Forces reveals how each person is uniquely motivated at work and in life.

Understand what motivates an individual or team members to take specific action.

Commonly used to: improve employee engagement, and determine job and culture fit.