Leadership Coaching 

Great leaders are sculpted through experience and awareness. 

Thrival Concepts leadership coaching provides the tools to develop a heightened awareness of what you personally and professionally hold most important, and defines a formal strategy to accomplish significant business and life objectives (and to have a balanced and fulfilled life along the way.) Through the coaching engagement we identify meaningful and vivid goals, prioritize and devise a powerful professional-development strategy, develop a resilient and vigorous mindset, and work together to take critical and meaningful action in your career. 

Through this unique approach we leverage and expand on a variety of professional skillsets to deepen your self-awareness in order to hone your communication style and to empower you as a leader.  Incorporating Listening Intelligence, Emotional Agility, Design Thinking, Mindfulness, and Creativity, we equip you with the tools and concepts to transform you into a modern leader - a leader who inspires and empowers peers, improves team communication and efficacy, evolves company culture, and drives innovation and profitability.


Leadership coaching is designed for people who

  • Have a hunger to harness their greatest strengths and passions, in order to pursue a fulfilling career and life...

  • Are in the midst of an important transformation and want to clarify their trajectory and vision…

  • Who strive to push their limits and who value self improvement and growth…

  • Have a notable project or an idea for a business, and want to bring it to life and set it in motion…

  • Want to live a bold purpose-driven life!


The leadership coaching package includes

  • Twelve 1-hour virtual coaching sessions (2x/month for 6 months)

  • The comprehensive DISC Behavior Assessment and ECHO Listening Assessment and evaluative debrief

  • Goal setting, mindset and action planning exercises

  • On-going accountability and partnership to ensure consistent action

  • On-going online support through our private resource library, worksheets, network, and newsletter

  • Direct message voice access to your coach between sessions


Your Investment

$5,500 for an initial 6-month, 12-session engagement

Additional sessions available for $250 per one-hour session


93% of managers feel they need training on how to coach their employees.

$1 million

The average organization forfeits over $1 million per year in untapped potential from their new and emerging leaders


Less-than-optimal leadership practices may impact team productivity by up to 50%

The Thrival Framework

The Thrival Concepts Leadership Coaching process focuses on four key frameworks during every session, all of which encapsulate unique elements of Listening Intelligence, Emotional Agility, Design Thinking, Mindfulness, and Creativity.


Discovery & Goal Setting

Who are you and what is your ultimate purpose?

What drives you to be a great leader? What's most important to you about how you approach your career? What is your desired contribution to the teams and organization you are a part of?

We are each influenced and motivated by a unique set of experiences, goals, values, desires, and abilities which shape our leadership style.

Within the Discovery and Goal setting framework, we take inventory of what drives you and use these insights to craft your personal leadership development strategy.  This approach extracts and develops your core skills, passions, interests and opportunities to heighten your self-awareness and craft meaningful goals for your career as a leader. 


Prioritization & Planning

When everything is important, nothing is important.  

Whether you are laser focused on one big objective, or have 10 essential goals, we dig in together to distill down the specific leverage points in your career and prioritize the ideal tasks to complete, the people to engage, and the resources to recruit.  

For those who have ever conjured a big idea and then asked themselves, "so, where do I start?", you know that the first step or the next step can be elusive.

Within the Prioritization and Planning framework, we co-create a strategic action plan to focus your energy, time, and resources in order to approach your leadership path and career goals with undeniable intention. 


Mindset & Intentionality

Take responsibility for possibility. 

Developing a deep sense of conviction, confidence and courage fuels and propels your journey.  In order to be a great leader of others, we must first lead ourselves. 

Honing a vigorous and resilient mindset is an ongoing practice and discipline - just like fitness empowers the body, we can choose to expand, strengthen, and transform our mindset through consistent and intentional exercises.

Within Mindset and Intentionality framework, we challenge you to step outside your comfort zone, face your career head on, and be bold in how you approach your life. 


Action and Accountability

Consistent action, deepened knowledge

Together we will focus on consistently taking the critical actions that will serve your ultimate goals and gather new insights and knowledge along with way. 

Based on your objectives and priorities, we develop a strategically focused plan of attack and a road map, and serve as both your biggest fan and your formal accountability partner. 

Within Action and Accountability, we partner with you to commit to and tackle the critical task, projects and conversations necessary to reinforce your vision and accomplish your career objectives.