Listen like a leader.

How to unlock your competitive edge by mastering the practice of listening.

What you get in the Listen Like a Leader keynote:

  • Learn why we misunderstand each other, the six core challenges to listening, and the keys to overcome them

  • Develop a deep awareness of the different habitual ways people filter what they listen to and for

  • Learn how to foster communication that results in trust, confidence, and respect in order to drive business performance, sales, innovation, and stronger relationships

  • Discover how to harness the cognitive diversity amongst your teams, to empower creative and critical thinking

  • Develop a strategic understanding of how to leverage listening as a core business function through out your organization

  • How to build a culture of listening that results in constant action and ongoing learning - an agile, innovative, growth-minded culture


"Dave Momper is an exceptional speaker and coach, with a very unique take on one of the most critical components to becoming a great leader - communication, and the skill of listening. Prior to his talk, I had never really considered that listening was a skill and key business function, but through his careful guidance I learned that it’s actually one of the weakest links in my company and a huge opportunity for us.

Dave’s insight on the actual practice of listening has helped me understand how to cultivate and better leverage the strengths of myself and my team. I can’t recommend him highly enough! The understanding of how listening is impacting the success of your business, in so many ways, is a topic that every business owner should know more about."

Kate Bailey - President of Annabel Media 


The Practice of Listening

How Modern Leaders Can Unlock This Critical Business Skill

What does it take to lead an organization in today’s modern world? How do you foster trust, confidence, respect, and commitment as a leader?

Today’s top professionals - both long-tenured in formal leadership roles, and emerging-leaders - have a heightened sense of how the act of listening directly impacts people, performance, and profits of a brand. Great organizations and great leaders listen first.

In Dave Momper’s keynote presentation, he speaks to audiences of modern leaders who recognize that to compete in today’s market place, authentic communication must be a key focus throughout all facets of the organization - from the interactions between individuals and teams, to the company culture and employee engagement, to product development and innovation strategies. Authentic communication even extends to how a brand interacts with its prospects and clients by way of marketing, the sales process, and designing the customer experience.

In the Listen Like a Leader keynote, Dave teaches you how to formally incorporate The Practice of Listening into your personal leadership skillset, and throughout the organization.

In this keynote speech, Dave will help you to transform the way you do business by understanding the impact listening has on the people you lead, the performance of your teams, the profitability of the organization, and how you build loyalty with the clients that the brand serves.

“When engaging people, when influencing others, especially in each of our formal leadership roles, it’s not how loud our voice is. It’s about how well we listen. People are moved and engaged when they feel heard, understood, and valued, and that their contribution to the mission truly matters.” - Dave Momper


"I recently attended Dave’s talk and experienced him sharing the power of listening intelligence, amongst an eclectic turnout of leaders. I appreciated Dave’s delivery and style, and how he described the various listening habits we all have and why listening is inherently challenging.

This had me asking myself throughout the event, ‘Is the way I’m habitually listening, helping or hindering me?” That question in of itself is a key take away! I’m thankful I attended and left more educated on a topic that can make or break any organization."

Scott Bain - Executive Creative Director



How do I know if I’m a good listener?

It’s not necessarily about being a good listener or a bad listener. We can all end up being either in any given moment - after all, the world is full of distractions, obligations, and perceived threats. More importantly, listening well is about an awareness of how and why you process information when you are actively listening, and whether your listening style contributes value to your various interactions. Listening “well” or “actively” or “productively” really is a practice or a discipline that we can develop - it’s something that calls on us to be intentional and conscious with our communication.

What is listening intelligence?

You have a unique set of listening habits, as does everyone - habits that you apply without really thinking twice. Deepening your understanding of the different ways people listen to and for information provides a heightened sense of how your actual listening style impacts relationships and allows you to produce great work and results.

Aren’t leaders expected to have all the answers?

As leaders we’ll never have every answer, but we are entrusted to make key decisions (you’ve heard the notion of surrounding yourself with people smarter than you, right?). As great leaders it’s our duty to build trust with others, and we are expected to be resourceful and able to gather intel and data that allows the discovery of the best answer. And then to be actionable with that knowledge by making key decisions.

What kind of leaders does Dave work with?

Dave enjoys working with purpose-driven leaders who seek to transform their organizations into a culture of learning, growth, and performance - leaders who seek to build strong and lastly relationships internally and externally - and leaders of organizations that seek to remain nimble and agile to the quickly changing desires of the market and the constant pressures of urgency and speed in our modern business world.

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"Dave is an amazing speaker and has such a thoughtful way interacting with the audience. He smoothly engages the whole audience and helps the them to learn (and listen) through his energy and style, and by delivering such a powerful concept - an actual practice for listening. I am in sales, and since his keynote, I have really checked in to HOW am I listening to my clients/customers and how I can adjust my habits to more fully hear them so I can truly be of value.”

Jon Jenkins - Real Estate Advisor with Atlas Real Estate

“In Dave’s talk he described the business practice of listening and the impact it has on the workplace. Dave broke down the essential ingredients to the practice and discipline of listening and Listening Intelligence. Through his mastery of the subject, passion for listening, and adept facilitation, we identified our unique listening habits and how our communication style can foster healthier organizations. I now have a greater awareness of my own listening habits, and how my listening style affects my personal and professional relationships as a result. Keep thriving, Dave!”

Kathryn D’Andrea - Ontological Coach and Business Strategist

"Dave blew my mind with the realization that people actually listen differently. It’s so simple, but so powerful. We don’t all think alike, and that’s the opportunity in fact. If I had known what I do now about the different styles of listening while at past companies, I feel that I actually could have changed the dynamic of the leadership teams I served on. All the frustration and misunderstandings could have been avoided if we only actually understood the different ways we heard each other and processed information."

Randall Hartman - Founder of Groundwork

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"Seek first to understand.
Then to be understood."

- Stephen Covey’s #5 Habit of Highly Effective People