Where EXACTLY does listening impact your business?

Communication is the common thread throughout every business function and directly impacts execution and performance.

Listening Intelligence - awareness into the unique ways individuals listen to and for information - is one of your most effective business skills. A skill which strengthens relationships, impacts project execution, improves sales outcomes, enhances team functionality and elevates your leadership abilities.

In the Thrival Concepts Fundamentals of Listening workshop, you identify listening habits that impact workplace effectiveness and equip your teams and leaders with a tool kit of concepts and skills to develop powerful listening habits that drive high-value conversations. We uncover the pitfalls that prevent individuals from hearing and sharing important information, which often results in a break down in team effectiveness, and ultimately the erosion of company performance, profitability and culture. Participants gain awareness of their own listening habits and preferences using the proprietary ECHO Listening assessment, and through this methodology they learn tools to shift those habits to be more productive, effective, and engaged leaders.  This workshop culminates in participants developing a plan of action to deepen and expand on their unique communication style as individuals and as a collective team. 

Fundamentals of Listening helps professionals to develop greater self-awareness, and expands the agile communication skills necessary to be high performers, engaged teammates and innovative leaders.

The Practice of Listening Workshop

This customized workshop focuses on Listening as a brain-based habit and uses the ECHO Listening Profile, a comprehensive online cognitive assessment, that identifies an individual’s personal listening habits in a work setting, and focuses on how to enhance one’s ability to communicate and collaborate effectively with others. Learn more about ECHO here.


Half-Day On-Site (3 to 4 Hours)

Topics Covered

  • The cost of poor communication and what's at stake.
  • How we misunderstand each other.
  • The science of listening and the role of the brain.
  • Developing Emotional Agility, and empathy.
  • Debrief of all participant's ECHO Listening results, and team report.
  • Building trust and rapport, for impact.
  • The power of the group dynamic and cognitive diversity.
  • Co-creating a new communication commitment to drive performance.


Awareness and Knowledge
Participants deepen their self-awareness by understanding the unique way they process and listen to and for information, and garner knowledge into the various listening habits of other people, affording authentic and high-value communication.

Connection, Trust, and Relationships
Participants learn to listen deeply and connect with others - other collegues, clients, partners - by establishing trust and rapport through their authentic communication style, and active listening.

Cognitive Diversity
Teams are afforded a new way of interacting and solving critical business challenges through greater awareness of each others habits and style, through a new appreciation for each other's unique perspectives and differences, and through a new set of commitments in how they communicate and interact.

Collaboration, Innovation, Execution
Participants learn to work together better through stronger communication, to be more creative and collaborative, and to ultimately take critical action to drive business performance.

Action Plan
Participants craft an action plan to leverage their existing strengths and expand on certain areas of opportunity. This is done on an individual level, as well as on the team level, and addresses both an immediate and ongoing strategy for growth.


Base fee of $4,500 + $150/Participant for Materials and ECHO Profiles + Travel

The Thrival communication workshops are tailored to the specific needs and goals of your company, leaders, and team.

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The Practice of Listening Workshop is designed for

Executive Teams

As an executive team, driving an entire organization to success demands that you truly listen to all constituents - your clients and partners, each other as executive leaders, and to the teams of people executing on your vision and mission.

Implementing listening intelligence at the executive level has the power to impact the culture, effectiveness, and innovation of the entire organization.

Account Management Teams

Proactively solving business challenges, building great relationships, and being a longterm and strategic partner to your clients requires that you listen to their business needs and that you understand their world as though it is your own.

By using the tools learned in the Fundamentals of Listening workshop, Account Management teams will produce more effective relationships and higher client satisfaction.

Sales Teams

Quickly building trust with a prospect and being able to identify their most essential needs warrants a deep level of listening intelligence. When your prospects and clients feel understood, and have confidence in your ability to solve their challenges, the sales process becomes more efficient, effective, and profitable. 

The listening skills learned in this workshop will produce longer lasting and more satisfied client partnerships, and more significant sales wins.

Creative Teams

The success of a creative teams hinges on the ability to see new possibilities within a set of parameters, available resources, and desired outcomes, and being creative comes in many forms. When teams seek out a difference of opinion, new perspectives and listen to learn, with empathy, the resulting impact on creativity is staggering.

By using the tools of listening intelligence to seek out these new perspectives, creative teams will amplify creativity output and company innovation.


 Customer Service Teams

When clients and customers need your company's support, listening is the core root of your role. By digging in to find the core problems and challenges that a customer is faced with, rather than simply fixing the stated issue, a customer service team can truly make a client feel understood and valued.

The use of the listening intelligence skills learned in our workshop will transform the customer experience - resulting in higher rating, user retention, and profits.


Operations Teams

Operations team are constantly listening for opportunities to create efficiency in company systems and processes, by gathering valuable input from internal and external clients. This feedback loop is paramount to the success of an organization.

Listening Intelligence helps to optimize conversations with leaders and teams in order to uncover the essential drivers and needs of the system. 



Ready to Schedule A Leadership Communication Workshop?


Are you an individual looking to expand your leadership abilities and hone your Unique communication style? SCHEDULE A TIME TO gather key insights from Your ECHO LISTENING PROFILE and to discuss how to transform your ability to build trust and Confidence.

The ECHO Listening Assessment is a tool to help you to strengthen your awareness of your personal leadership communication style, and to help you understand how listening affects trust, confidence, and productivity in our business interactions.

For $250, you receive:

Your personal ECHO Listening Profile (digital report); a guide to leveraging Listening Intelligence

A One-Hour personalized listening intelligence debrief and phone consultation with David Momper

Discovery of your personalized and comprehensive results of your profile, and key insights into The Practice of Listening and how to level-up your leadership impact through communication.