Thriving :: Perfection and completion?

Thriving isn't an end result, per se.  It's not the compilation of a set of things, possessions, actions or accomplishments. It's not perfection or completion. 

To thrive is to see the world and engage with it from a state of wonder, awe and admiration.  It's living the moments of life with gusto! To thrive doesn't exclude or omit chaos, torment or uncertainty.  In fact those things are essential, as they provide the friction in life that affords traction, contrast and texture. 

Thriving is fueled by our boldness, our intent, and authenticity.  All three of which can be challenged by life and hindered by all sorts of things.  They can also be developed and reinforced! That's why we say you must strive to thrive. It's an active, conscious notion that you get to steward.

To Thrive is to tip your hat at life's uncertainty and to embrace all its conundrums, and conflicts. To thrive is to celebrate what's possible in the face of the impossible. To thrive is a conscious and stoic choice; an active choice of getting on the court, of standing for something, of putting oneself on the line for a life of significance and contribution.  

And that's why I'm so stoked to be a partner on the ride!