About Dave Momper

Hello! Thrival Concepts is the culmination of my experience, knowledge and passion, and the inspiration of many mentors, colleagues and confidants. What I am about is propelling the bold and the fierce. I'm about motivating, coaching and inspiring people to accomplish things that are significantly important to them. I work with creatives, technologists, entrepreneurs, business professionals, visionaries and artists, to discover, navigate, prioritize and take action on significant endeavors in their lives. I bring a decade of sales, account services, marketing, leadership development, and strategic branding to my clients and partners, and work one-on-one and with teams to help people accomplish the incredible. 

At 28 while working as a sales executive for Conversant Solutions in Boulder, Co I was enrolled in a number of the leadership courses offered by the consultancy so that I could speak first hand of the coaching and leadership development offerings we provided. I was calling on Coca-Cola, Microsoft, and Ball Aerospace and selling coaching and training programs that served Directors and Executives; the people high-up in the organization and in formal leadership roles.  As I participated in these courses, I was immediately inspired by how the content and skills that I was introduced to, and that I was selling, could amplify the potential in all of us regardless of title or experience. What I was learning about was how we develop and expand our mindfulness, self-awareness, empathy, compassion and conviction; this was the world of emotional intelligence (often cited as EQ), applied specifically to leadership and high-stakes business initiatives.

I've been struck and inspired by how it's equipped me ever since, and my single objective is to empower the people I work with by helping them to expand and leverage these critical human skills. My exposure to emotional intelligence and leadership development propelled my career, impacting my success in sales and marketing, creative brand strategy development, forging a trusted network of confidants, negotiating six-figure contracts and project arrangements, board-of-director service, and certainly leading, mentoring and inspiring my colleagues.  Most recently I served on the Executive Team of an award-winning Denver-based digital marketing agency, and have worked with significant brands like Frontier Airlines, The Lumineers, GolfTEC, BellCo, Hunter Douglas, and Graebel Van Lines developing their strategic vision and digital branding strategy.   


I'm inspired by the human potential and the human connection, and the ultimate goal I have for my clients is to allow them to connect more with themselves and others, to use creativity in everything they do, and to cause a profound impact in their areas of passion, purpose and expertise. This goes for the artist, this goes for the sales exec, this goes for the globe-wanderer, this goes for the creative technologist. The root of EQ is tied into the life-long pursuit of knowledge and growth, and I thrive when I learn how people are pushing their own perceived limits of potential.

Think about what's possible today; we can connect, instantaneously, with millions of people around the planet and can share ideas, experiences, and value like never before. All of that can happen via the devices in the palm of our hands. This is a fascinating scenario full of wild potential, and now affords and demands that we hold ourselves out authenticallyintentionally and boldly.  

What I am about is propelling the bold and the fierce.

What are you about? I'd love to hear what you are up to that you are absurdly excited about! Please drop me a note and give me the juicy details.