What We Believe

Fundamentally, leadership is our ability to influence, inspire and engage others. It is not always a matter of title, but rather a way of showing up in any giving moment. Ultimately, our ability to lead and influence the world is fueled by self-awareness, empathy for others, resilience, and an ability to communicate effectively.

And here’s what is most important:  Actively refining and developing these factors is the biggest competitive opportunity in life and career. The ability to know oneself, the ability to connect deeply with others, the ability to navigate the uncertainty of any given day, and the ability to consistently take and communicate action all affect one's ability to make a significant and positive impact on the surrounding world.

Our work is powered by extensive experience in the corporate and creative worlds with the Thrival Concepts three foundational methodologies to developing innovative and powerful leaders: Emotional Intelligence, Design-Thinking, and Listening Intelligence.

You can conquer almost any fear if you will only make up your mind to do so. For remember, fear doesn’t exist anywhere except in the mind.
— Dale Carnegie

About David Momper, Founder

At Thrival Concepts, I bring 15 years of sales, account services, marketing, leadership development, and strategic branding to my clients and partners, and work with teams and individuals to accomplish the incredible. I work with creatives, technologists, entrepreneurs, business professionals, visionaries, and artists to leverage self-awareness, listening intelligence, and emotional agility in order to be powerful communicators and high-performing leaders.

While working as a sales executive for Conversant Solutions, I was enrolled in a number of the leadership courses offered by the consultancy so that I could speak first hand to the high-level executives and leaders of companies such as Coca-Cola, Microsoft, and Ball Aerospace about the coaching and training programs that we offered. As I participated in these courses, I was immediately inspired by how the content and skills that I learning and in turn selling these top-tier leaders could amplify the potential in all of us - regardless of title or experience. I quickly learned the power of developing and expanding mindfulness, self-awareness, empathy, compassion and conviction - the world of emotional intelligence (often cited as EQ) - and the profound affect each of these skills has on evolving our leadership abilities and performing at high levels in business and life.

Years later, while serving on Executive Team of an award-winning Denver-based digital marketing agency, the world of design-thinking became an active part of my world. While working with significant brands such as Frontier Airlines, The Lumineers, GolfTEC, BellCo, Hunter Douglas, and Graebel Van Lines developing their strategic vision and digital branding strategy, I observed that the brands that were the most successful were those that had a strong awareness of their values and of their organizational purpose (their mission and vision) and those that leveraged design-thinking philosophies. When they applied these design-thinking strategies to how they marketed their products, engaged and serviced their customers, and focused on constant innovation, learning, and authenticity, then the brand equity, profits, and overall success soared.

Over the years, my exposure to Leadership Development, Design-Thinking and Emotional Intelligence has propelled my career, impacting my success in sales and marketing and creative brand strategy development, forging a trusted network of confidants, negotiating six-figure contracts, election to board-of-director service, and formally leading, mentoring and inspiring my colleagues.

Since founding Thrival Concepts, I have expanded upon these methodologies to incorporate the innovative field of Listening Intelligence as one of the three core Thrival Concepts Leadership Development pillars. While working on Leadership Development with both individuals and teams, the core issue of communication has continually surfaced as a major roadblock to their success as individuals, leaders, and team building. And what is the root of most of these communication challenges? It’s understanding how each of us uniquely listens to and for information. Through my work in this area, I have seen first-hand how effective listening and communication can alter the entire course of a business’s success - from team dynamics and company culture to the strength of overall business and financial performance.

Ultimately, I’m inspired by human potential and the human connection, and the goal I have for my clients is to allow them to connect more with themselves and others, to use creativity in everything they do, and to cause a profound impact in their areas of passion, purpose and expertise. The unique combination of the Thrival Concepts methodologies used in both my coaching and workshops are carefully designed to push each person’s perceived limits of potential in order to become the best version of themselves that is possible, and in the end, to thrive in every aspect of their lives.